Who is George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones?

news culture Who is George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones?

It’s September 20 and it’s the birthday of George RR Martin, the author of the “Game of Thrones” saga! A perfect day to explore his travels, his life and his works. If you want to learn more about this author, you’ve come to the right place!

Who is George RR Martin?

George R.R. Martin is particularly versatile and did not limit himself to the literary field. Born on September 20, 1948, he is the author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, titled in France Le Trône de Fer. George Raymond Richard Martin, full name, is also a television series editor and screenwriter. Before turning to novels in 1996, he was a prolific short story writer in the 1970s.. Although he is best known for his fantasy books, many of his works are actually science fiction in a futuristic setting. One of his stories, called Nightflyers (Le Volcryn in French), was made into a film in 1987 and into a television series in 2018. He turned to television in the early 1980s, working on Beauty and the Beast and The Fifth Dimension. series. Thus, long before the success of his famous saga, he was familiar with the work behind the screen. There was more than one string to his bow, he was also a journalism teacher and an organizer of chess tournaments.

Who is George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones?

His famous saga A Song of Ice and Fire

A Clash of Kings (1998), A Storm of Swords (2000), A Feast for Crows (2005) and A Dance with Dragons (2011). Embarking on a TV adaptation, he has yet to complete the literary saga. The last two volumes are to complete A Song of Ice and Fire, known by their names: Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring. The series took a different path from the books to end its story. The books probably lead us to a different conclusion, but certainly in a different way than what we were able to do on screen.

Who is George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones?

To further his saga, George Martin wrote several books set in the same world. The Adventures of Dunk and Egg, for example, is a series of stories that follow the adventures of a knight-errant and his master. Chronicles are also works written in history by the Masters to review the past history of the world. House of the Dragon is a prequel taken from Chronicles of Fire and Blood. George Martin has expressed his desire to continue to establish the MCU style of the Game of Thrones universe with many products that will see the light of day in the future. With the launch of new series, it’s safe to say that this is a very solid foundation on which to build a television empire.

George RR Martin and Video Games

George RR is no stranger to video games, most notably his collaboration with Hidetaka Miyazaki for Elden Ring. A former gamer, he shared his favorite video games: Railroad Tycoon, Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, and Master Of Orion. Mostly strategy games, Martin noted that he played a lot in the 80s, and it would make him less productive to write. Luckily he doesn’t play anymore!

Who is George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones?

His universe has been adapted into dozens of video games. We can cite as an example the game Game of Thrones Genesis, Game of Thrones: Episode 5 – A Nest of Vipers or Reigns: Game of Thrones, even if a large part of the adaptations are mainly mobile games, such as Game of Thrones: Conquest. It is a pity that such a rich world has not developed more in the field of entertainment video. Many imagine an MMO or adventure game open to Witcher 3 on PC and consoles to make us explore the surroundings of Westeros and Esos. However, a mobile MMO is in the works. We can always hope that the project to expand the Game of Thrones universe will also be carried out by video games.

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