When women’s health becomes a business like any other

It is an emblematic example of neglect related to women’s healthEndometriosis Just beginning to recognize the condition, properly diagnosed. It is also one of the pathologies for which countless bedside applications are sought. But research remains slow-moving.

“It’s the tree that hides the forest”Judge Claudine Jounien, Professor of Genetics and Fellow of the Academy of Medicine. “We say we care about women’s health because we’re talking about endometriosis, but what about other diseases, e.g. Autoimmune diseasesWhere are the significant gender differences?”, she asks. with this, “Women are nine times more likely to develop lupus than men.” “All drug testing must include both male and female animals.”

also exists Cardiovascular risks For women who are little known to the public, condemns Professor Claire Mounier-Vehier, a cardiologist who is trying to promote The best diagnosis.

“If we communicate with adaptive language, women will learn to recognize their symptoms,” she explains.

In this context, new health offers for women “a step taken”– says Emmeline Han. “But if there should be a problem Associated with certain products that have not been clinically tested, it may damage the whole sector”He judges.

As proof, the actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow A few years ago it was illustrated with “eggs” for its Goop brand vagina without scientific validation, presented as a solution to regulate the menstrual cycle. It was a goop He was sentenced 2018 for that False advertising.

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