What would have happened if Sandrine Rousseau had not spoken to the Bayou case?

How do we explain this particularly busy return for the Nupes? Both because of unjustified individual behavior and dangerous collective political practices.

>> Violence against women: How are the cases handled in France by different parties?

This is the behavior of the rebel Adrien Quatenens, who admitted that he had committed acts of violence against his wife, spread over a year, which caused his wife to sign. Justice logically started the investigation. Julien Bayou, he is accused of harassing his former companion until he broke her.moral health“and make him do”suicide attempt”According to Sandrine Rousseau. Julien Bayou disputes the facts.

The accusation is very serious and that is why the political practices of the Greens raise questions. However, the internal Greens cell responsible for violence against women has been handling this case since July. If Sandrine Rousseau had not been interviewed on television on Monday, Julien Bayou would still be co-president of the Vert Group.

Environmentalists and rebels have set up warning bodies to encourage women to speak out, which is a very good thing: the worry is that instead of going to court, they use it to wash the family’s dirty laundry, a kind of private justice that is far removed. Away from the cameras and above all from justice itself. Insoumis and Greens are happy to stop Adrien Quatennens and Julien Bayou quickly and independently. It is an attempt. Nothing would happen without the work of journalists.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has made journalists one of his favorite targets yet. On Sunday, with the assurance of Adrien Quatenens in his “Support“and the voice”affection“Insoumis leader still criticized”Media voyeurism“. Except it didn’t work out this time. Kudos.”Dignity” and “courage” He did a lot. For the first time, here is Jean-Luc Melenchon, challenged by his own people. Still shy, we saw it in awkward silence during the LFI press conference. But before that, at every excess of the leader, the troops rallied to protect him. We saw this during a busy search in the fall of 2018. First LFI and then Nupes were built by and for Jean-Luc Melenchon. If the faithful begin to challenge the dogma of their papal infallibility, the rebellious church can quickly collapse. And the left is entering a new era, the post-Melenchon era.

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