What is hidden behind the smiles of the “hotel” employees

The tragic death of Jenny (Vivian Audette), the general manager of the Hotel Dumont, weighs heavily on the conscience of her best friend Sarah (Marie-Evelyn Lessard) and the heart of her mother Victoria (Natalie Kupali).

Hardly had his urn been in the ground when the battle for the management of the hotel, in this case the St. Sulpice Hotel in Montreal’s Old Port, was already fierce. Behind the smiles of its dedicated staff and closed doors lie many secrets, but also stories of impossible love, family conflicts, betrayals, greed and a healthy dose of ambition.

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For the quartet of authors, Nathalie Bourdelle, Rachel Cardillo, Marie-Frédéric Laberge-Milot and Annie Langlois, it was the perfect playground to nurture and maintain this illusion of the perfect life.

With its new feature “Hotel” — the successor to “O'” — TVA is returning to annual series and original dramas in the Thursday night 8 p.m. box recently occupied by The Americans.

“There’s a pretty comical, light-hearted angle, but all of a sudden there’s a time where we’re chilling out and it becomes more charming,” Eric Tessier, who directed the first block of 12 episodes, said Monday. A round table in which the QMI Agency. took part.

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Built in the studio when the province was experiencing a shortage of materials and labor, the subdued decor gives this “soap”, whose plots are sometimes predictable, a rather successful sophisticated look.

Dubbed in 24 one-hour episodes, “Hotel” takes a behind-the-scenes look at the hotel industry; “Downstairs is less beautiful, it’s all renovations upstairs,” said show producer Sophie Deschenes for Sovimage.

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“Poor Hugo, he’s in debt and his family doesn’t know about it. He’s doing business with people who spend and who spend a lot of money, while he doesn’t have the means,” the producer added, stressing that his downfall is likely to be sudden.

Hugo (Patrice Bélanger), an assistant director, is hoping for a promotion to pay off his debts, but Guillaume (Emmanuel Schwartz), the twin brother of Jenny (Machiavelli), will be able to put a spoke in his wheels. It must be said that the latter has all the faults of a rich man’s son; spoiled, profitable, haughty; He knows how to use his charm to get what he wants.

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Eve Lemieux, who plays a maid dealing with a gambling addiction, Olivia Palacci plays a strict chef, and Jeff Boudreau, Olivier Gervais-Courchen, Gabrielle Fontaine and Miriam Fournier round out the Hotel Dumont staff.

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