Vladimir Zelensky calls on Russians to protest the mobilization on the Ukrainian front

Vladimir Zelensky calls on Russians to demonstrate against mobilization

In his daily video address, Volodymyr Zelensky called on the Russians “protest” Against the mobilization announced by the Kremlin on the Ukrainian front or “surrender” forces of Kiev. “In six months, 55,000 Russian soldiers died in this war (…). do you want more no That’s why the protest! fight! Run ! or meet » He started the Ukrainian army in Russian. “These are your survival options. » “You are already complicit in all crimes [de l’armée russe]Murders and tortures, the victims of which are Ukrainians. Because you are quiet. because you’re always quiet”– accused Mr. Zelensky.

And to confirm that the Russian authorities are preparing to mobilize “A Million Men”. Moscow officially announced 300,000 reservists on Wednesday, the day before mobilization. “It’s time for your choice. For men in Russia, the choice is death or life, disability or health. The choice for women in Russia is to lose their husbands, sons, grandchildren forever or try to protect them from death, war, the only man.Vladimir Putin took on Mr. Zelensky again.

According to the NGO OVD-Info, more than 1,300 people were arrested on Wednesday during spontaneous anti-mobilization protests in Russia. The mobilization announcement also led to an influx of Russians wanting to leave the country, with queues forming at several countries’ land borders. A quantity estimate was not available.

The Kremlin denied the scale of the departure and talked about the phenomenon “very excessive”.

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