Vimeo Community Communes publishes its cultural calendar for the 2022-2023 season

Benoît Leleu invited selected persons and artists to the start of the 2022-2023 cultural season.
Benoît Leleu invited selected persons and artists to the start of the 2022-2023 cultural season. (©Alan Sénicourt/The Vimeo Scout)

The start of the season is always a festive moment. This year it was held in the Hall of Edith Piaf Freeville-Escarbotin (Finland). Benoît Leleu, cultural coordinator of the Vimeo commune community, invited elected officials and artists to the evening, during which the cultural program was inaugurated. More than forty events are planned this year.

This is slightly less than last year. “Demonstrations that should have been held at that time covid All were held last season,” explains Benoit Leleu. This year the calendar is less dense. “It’s better because it allows me to do that I invested more in different events”He is glad.

The season started the next day. Thursday, September 15, 2022with a report Maxim Pate on history Vimeo industrial. The second event will be held on Friday. Request a program.


  • September 23. Dickconcert at louse on the 20th T
  • on September 17-18 and 24-25. This is art ! artistic journey louse
  • September 24. walking of the crossArt walk in St Toufles


  • October 1. Loco DolentSince 2003 Amiens Ensemble “ Loco Dolent » Organizes an opera singing course in Cayeux-sur-Mer every July. This year it celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this anniversary, students, teachers, countertenor Eric Degioannini, Vimeo Music School singing teacher, and soprano Sara Nassif are holding the second edition of this recital in the church. Middletown.
  • October 13. A bourgeois gentlemanMoliere’s play will be performed by seven actors of the Comédie de Picardie in the Vim’Arts hall. Waincourt on the 20th T 30.
  • October 14. Science fair, organized annually, aims to promote science to the general public. It will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. h in the gymnasium of the college of Rose des vents Freeville-escarbotin.


  • November 4. Cabaret eveningAs part of the activities of the Animation Jeunesse Center, clown artist Lino Zed leads theater workshops throughout the year. Six young people took on this project to offer a cabaret on the theme of improvisation. The show will take place in Edith Piaf’s room Freeville-escarbotin on the 20th T.
  • November 15. High frequency festival, this festival has the originality of bringing together an acclaimed headliner and local bands on the same evening. It will be held in the Vim’Arts room on the 20th T. This year, Bali Du and Volo will perform together with their brother.


  • December 1-18. Exhibition at the Viméo Water Center. Jean-Pierre Parmentier, a painter and self-taught painter in Feuquières-en-Vimeu, retired from his craft, started painting 14 years ago. year. It is inspired by Vimeo and its inhabitants.
  • December 10. yesterday’s song, every quarter, the community of the communes of Vimeo organizes a musical afternoon around a repertoire of French songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s in the living areas of the area. The first will be held at Cafe GamardAineville.
  • December 15. A festival with sound6 singers mingle with the audience, walk among them, sing in their ears, look directly into their eyes, dance in their space. In Pierre Watblad’s room Nibas.


  • January 17. Suet ball, the classroom, the teacher, the students, the community, the situation of school bullying is known to all and still is. Everything changes when this professor, by studying the text, makes connections between the work and the news, between the characters of the story and very real situations. Theater in the socio-cultural center Burseville.
  • January 27. Race Latinos The Amiens Latin Association explores the popular Latin repertoire of the 20th century century with covers of great classics” his ” traditional but also arranged by the new generation of Latin American composers. Hall of St. Just Bettencourt-sur-Mer.


  • February 1-4. talking windWords are like the wind : light, flying from ear to ear A fairy tale festival in several rooms Vimeo.
  • 4 February. Amuson and Vimeo Music SchoolPipasso bagpipe group from Picardy” Pipasonere Sends its festive street music to popular festivals, parades and events. It will be in the multipurpose hallIsengrammer.
  • February 9. urban musicDelta is a meeting around a shared passion, the blues and the 70s. Local artists will hold a concert at Vim’Arts.


  • 2 March. right wrongAn interactive and theatrical mental magic show to be held at the village hallAuchancourt.
  • March 9. VezoolMichel Berthe, bassist of Zic Zazou, invites us on a musical journey through the lyrics of great songs from the 50s to the 75s. Multipurpose room valines.
  • March 21st. your seed, for his fifth creation, La Waide Cie aims to explore the theme of filiation, kinship, transmission between parents and their children. Show in the social-cultural hall Menesli.
  • March 25. Gala concertMany collective practices from the School of Music will be on the 31st to present and share the year’s work at Vim’Arts.


  • April 3-30. handsWhose hands could this be? ? This exhibition/game for adults and children honors the artisans and vendors that surround us. Exhibition of photographs by Francois Drovin Friville-Escarbotin, Woincourt, Feuquières-en-Vimeu.
  • April 6. WrigglesConcert in Vim’Arts room
  • April 13. Holy PicardsBeliever or unbeliever, or even “ disbelieving “, the history of the saints is part of our heritage, our heritage : historical heritage, cultural heritage and of course legendary heritage. Tales of Jean-Marie François in the village hall Tours-en-Vimeu.


  • May 2. flows, The Compagnie de theater Correspondances invites you to come and listen to an actor read. The read work is a surprise. Come and risk an unexpected meeting in the library Socort.
  • May 6. yesterday’s songAnother musical afternoon at a local club Quesnoy le Montant.
  • May 11. sour milk The graphic and plastic landscape testifies to the complexity of the development of our being in a society that forces us to buy and consume always more at the expense of our personality.


  • June 1. Mysterious It was born from the meeting of three musicians passionate about music created with three aesthetics and diverse musical colors. They will hold a concert in the socio-cultural hall Feuquieres-en-Vimeu.
  • June 3-30. The legacy of the tree,, Revealing the heritage of the municipality tree. Exhibition of photographs by Francois Drovin Chep and Houchenville.
  • June 9. InfantasticsAs every year, 2nd and 3rd year students from local schools will learn the songs for the end of the year performance in the Vim’Arts hall.
  • June 17. Fun ballAs happy as anything, Gis, Caro, Yves and Jean play their groove Basses line up in a rhythmic accordion – guitar, violin sparks, drum beats, songs are mesmerizing. ! party hallHouchenville.
  • June 20. Keskid, amid the confusion, Cirqu’Onflexe artists invite you to discover behind the scenes of their previous show. More than a suite, it is above all another vision that you will discover in the Vim’Arts room.


  • August 19-20. Vimeu Summer of Jazz, Vimeu Jazz Summer is one of the biggest cultural events organized by the Vimeu Commune community every year. The sixth edition of the Jazz Festival will take place on the weekend of the 19th and 20th. until August Mia. For this 2023 edition, ten bands will follow each other on stage.

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