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The University of Sherbrooke and Nestlé Health Science are partnering to create a research chair that will focus on the therapeutic use of ketones to improve health. The creation of this chair was made possible thanks to several donations in support of this research program, in particular thanks to a contribution of USD 1 million from Nestlé Health Science.

Stephen Coonan, professor-researcher at the University of Sherbrooke and CIUSSS de l’Estrie Center for Aging Research – CHUS, is the holder of the Keto Therapy Clinical Research Chair. He led the BENEFIC study, a ketogenic intervention project that demonstrated dramatic improvements in cognitive performance in people with mild early-stage cognitive impairment (see BENEFIC Study Results). His team and collaborators pioneered PET imaging of ketone metabolism in the brain.

We will use the BENEFIC results to further investigate the potential benefits of ketones in neurodegenerative disorders. I am very proud of this partnership. This new research bench could help reduce the devastating impact of cognitive impairment on the quality of life of many seniors.

Professor Stephen Cunaney

Ketones are small molecules derived from fats. The history of ketones as therapeutic agents began in the early 1900s when the very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet was developed to treat epilepsy. Recently, several studies have shown that people with brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, lose the ability to use glucose as the brain’s main fuel source, and that ketones can be used as an alternative fuel.

Our multi-year research collaboration with the University of Sherbrooke has shown that ketotherapy, particularly ketogenic drinks, improves cognitive performance in people with mild cognitive impairment by using ketones instead of glucose as brain fuel. With an aging population and few solutions for neurodegenerative diseases, it is important to explore how ketotherapeutic nutritional interventions can be used to support brain health.

Greg Behar, CEO of Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science is investigating the potential health benefits of ketones and is launching several ketogenic products to prevent and treat conditions such as age-related cognitive decline (BrainXpert) and epilepsy (Vitaflo), as well as obesity and co-morbidities. (PronoKal).

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