The presence of PPDA in the jury of the Grand Prix of French radiation causes outrage – Liberation

Awarded annually in the salons of the Quai d’Orsay, the prize honors those who have contributed to France’s influence abroad. Keeping the former star host, although the organizer of the event denied it, does not pass in feminist circles.

They are already talking in the corridors of the higher spheres “The Price of Shame”. On October 4, as every year since 2009, the Grand Prix for French Influence will be held in the salons of the Quai d’Orsay. From 18:45, a series of prestigious guests will gather under the gold of the Republic – elected officials, entrepreneurs, artists, senior civil servants… “I have never seen such a sumptuous meal, says a regular at the event. The champagne is flowing. We have two or three lounges full of buffets. An unheard of luxury.” In the past, Bernard Arnault, Didier Deschamps, Thomas Pesquet or even Isabelle Huppert were awarded there.

This year, it’s not so much the crowd – the end of which was announced by the President of the Republic – that makes people talk, but the presence of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor on the jury. A man accused by at least thirty women of sexual assault and rape is responsible for judging, along with others, who best supports French values ​​abroad. And this, since the prize was created thirteen years ago. “You’re great”Considers the selected EE-LV.

“Insulting a woman’s speech”

There is the same misunderstanding in feminist circles. “Every woman directly or indirectly involved in this case is shocked.”Sums up one of the accusers of the former star, whom he contacted release. According to him, the preservation of PPDA is in this jury “Insulting a woman’s speech”. Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, president of the event, tries to justify herself somehow. has was releasedHe explains the presence “Overloaded”. then: “The PPDA is no longer on the jury, but the diggers continue to slander.” He assures us that since 2004 the elected senator LR “I didn’t have time to update the site”, on which Poivre d’Arvor always appears. Ditto on his Twitter, where the presentation of the former journalist remains in a good place. In her defense, Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam claims that she lost the passwords, that the official page should be updated “soon” And that he has not “There is no specific date” will be given in connection with departure of PPDA. “It all speaks to the lightness that haunts me”, angered the Green senator, who believes a press release should have been issued to officially record PPDA’s departure from the jury. It still needs to be acted upon.

Because in the spring, during a lunch with France’s elected representative abroad, Joël Garriod-Milam fell from the clouds when he was asked about the exclusion of the PPDA. “He replied, ‘Oh, you think so?’ He was surprised. I think he didn’t see the problem. “– says his today’s interlocutor. “He’s at the plate”Many of those around him agree. Also convicted of moral harassment in February and charged with embezzlement of public funds, Garriaud-Maylam “remember” Who cares to hear that he received PPDA “Release, I suppose, after a judicial investigation”. Wrong, corrects one of the complainants. “The classification of the recipe does not mean that the facts did not happen. The case is still ongoing and new complaints have been filed.”

in any case, “When we respect women’s words, especially in the current cases, we act,” notes a feminist engaged in politics. Garriaud-Maylam may well explain that PPDA “stopped to devote himself to his writing”The pill will not pass. “He takes people for idiots. The worst part is that he is responsible for Elisha.An elected representative close to the majority emphasizes. Organized under the high patronage of Emmanuel Macron, the French-influenced Grand Prix is ​​seriously leading the way this year.

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