Russia is isolated at the Security Council meeting on Ukraine

Russia defended the war against Ukraine at the Security Council meeting. Most other members of the UN executive body blamed Moscow.

Impunity for war crimes committed in Ukraine was the main thingThe session of the UN Security Council on Thursday, within the framework of the UN General Assembly. The absolute majority of the members of the UN executive body emphasized Russia’s responsibility. China, more nuanced, insisted Respect for territorial sovereignty From all countries, referring to Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov defended his country’s war. But during other speeches he was not present. At the twentieth session of the Security Council on the issue of Ukraine, as in the previous sessions, no decision could be made. Russia imposes its veto.

“The perpetrator of these actions will be held accountable.

Antonio Guterres

Secretary General of the United Nations

Since the start of the debate, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called to investigate “atrocities” committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian population.. The acts are listed in the reports of the UN agencies that investigated Ukraine.

“These reports are a long list of atrocities: Summary execution, sexual violence, torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment of civilians and prisoners of war“, condemned Antonio Guterres. “The perpetrators of these actions must be held accountable. “The victims and their families have the right to justice and reparation,” he argued.

The Secretary General was worried The state of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, believes that “the world cannot afford another nuclear disaster”.


“We cannot allow Putin to do this.

Anthony Blinken

US Secretary of State

For Anthony Blinken, United States Secretary of State, Vladimir Putin will answer. “We cannot let Putin get away with this,” he said. “Tell President Putin to stop the horrors he has unleashed,” he told the Russian delegation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls for “dialogue and peace”.. “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected, and the reasonable security concerns of all countries must be taken seriously,” he said.

“Neo-Nazi Coup”

To justify the war in Ukraine, Sergei Lavrov, who seemed isolated, condemned it.clearly Russophobic and neo-Nazi radical forces” which “would come to power in Ukraine through an armed coup with the support of the West”.

The Russian minister accused the Ukrainian regime of “mobilizing all adults, including women” and “sabotaging” the Minsk agreements.. “Ukrainian officials, true to their Nazi nature, are calling for the killing of Russian-speaking people,” he said.

A crime against humanity

“When I got to Bucha, the bodies I saw were very real.”

Kareem Kahn

Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan called on the members of the Security Council for “decisiveness”. Against the backdrop of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

“When I went to Bucha, the bodies I saw were real, and when I walked the streets of Borodianka, the destruction of schools and houses was real,” he said. Russia.

Khan announced that the ICC Send more personnel to Ukraine to investigate war crimes.

remind you The court launched an investigation into the war and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine. The United States and European countries want the ICC to try war crimes committed in Ukraine. Kyiv demands a constitutionNuremberg-type tribunal To prosecute the crime of Russian aggression.

Where Russia acts with disinformation and propaganda, justice must act on the basis of facts.

Catherine Colonna

Minister of Foreign Affairs of France

He chaired the session Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Catherine Colonna. “The ICC has been seized by 43 states, this is the first time that so many states have taken it to court,” he recalled, announcing the dispatch of a mobile laboratory to Izioum. Where Russia acts with disinformation and propaganda, justice must act on the basis of facts.

New European sanctions

President Putin’s threatening statements have hardened ranks within the European Union in favor of new sanctions against Russia. Foreign ministers meeting in New York on Wednesday evening agreed to explore an eighth package of sanctions.. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirmed that new measures will be taken.

The commission will present its proposals to the twenty-seven on Friday. It includes, among other things, a cap on oil prices, new individual sanctions and luxury goods.

It sums up

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov appeared in isolation at this timeSecurity Council meeting dedicated to impunity for war crimes in Ukraine.
  • The UN Secretary General condemned it “Atrocities” committed against the Ukrainian civilian population.. ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan announced the dispatch of new investigators to Ukraine.
  • European foreign ministers will meet within the framework of the UN General Assembly Explore the new package of sanctions against Russia.

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