Restoring the scattered islands: Russia confirms its support (…)

Russia is once again carrying out a charm operation with the Malagasy authorities. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Andrey Andreev, in his address to the participants of the General Assembly of Friends of Russia in the association last Saturday, reiterated that Russia supports the Republic of Madagascar in its legitimate desire. to restore the scattered islands under his sovereignty.

This statement of the Russian ambassador, in particular, on the eve of the second meeting of the United Franco-Malagasy Commission for the Management of the Scattered Islands, which should be held in France in September.

The Russian Federation is currently the only nation that has openly expressed its support for the return of the islands scattered to Madagascar by France, and for several months. Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Russian embassy has launched a more sustained diplomatic offensive in the country to test the government in local media and social networks.

Madagascar, despite the unprecedented pressure from the West, remains independent in choosing a foreign policy line and has taken a neutral and balanced position in front of the events in Ukraine. “- said the Russian diplomat in his letter to the authorities. He also states that Russian-Malagasy relations are gradually developing in all directions and that the two countries are constructively cooperating in the international arena, while many projects are under consideration.

In March, before the United Nations, Madagascar did not want to offend Russia

34 countries abstained on a draft resolution aimed at condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and asking it to withdraw its troops immediately. A diplomatic caution that has angered the European Union, which is trying to get the Malagasy government to join international condemnation of Russia.

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