New technologies, risks for humanity

This book highlights the first lessons for companies’ cyber security in the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 and reveals the multiple and interdependent: people’s ignorance, the level of dependence of our indebted economy, international finance and digital power, issues of corruption, resources, environment, democracy and human hacking.

The goal is to find 360 means to reduce the impact of these future systemic crises, which will affect all areas: satellites, environment, security and many others. It is the transition from unpreparedness to anticipation.

The growing climate of insecurity (Covid-19, physical violence, clashes, terrorism, wars, etc.) makes us forget that cybercrime is growing and disrupting every aspect of our society. Our world is truly marked by the increasing amount of damage caused by cyber attacks, affecting both the French economy and geopolitics.

The massive use of cyberspace through new technologies has raised security and safety issues. In recent years, cyberbullying, cyberterrorism, remote surveillance and even disinformation have especially developed. Ultimately, these elements continue to influence public opinion and are a source of widespread mistrust.

However, this is not a time for lamentation, but a time for action: everything needs to be reconsidered. What will our fight be like? What news are we heading for? Shouldn’t we put together a strategy that shakes up pre-established patterns? Is more responsible cyber defense possible?

This book answers all these questions.

1 flight 16 x 24

260 pages

19 €

Author An expert in the management of risks inherent in information systems and networks, Lubna Brioual works on the design and organization of corporate security, as well as its deployment, management and auditing. His expertise is particularly focused on cyber security-related strategic intelligence, large-scale project management and strategic consulting.

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