Metro line B in Rennes: why was it so long? Back to 10 key dates

The idea of ​​a project related to Rennes Metro B was born more than 20 years ago. (©Brian le Goff News Rennes)

The big day has finally arrived: the Rennes Metro B line is available from Tuesday, September 20, 2022. Residents of Rennes and Rennes can finally use this second line, which serves a total of 15 stations, between the municipalities. Saint Jacques, deer and Sesson-Sévin.

If it is party time, the late arrival of subway B is perceived as a terrain for residents. Its launch was originally planned for December 2020 Delayed Many times it has irritated a large part of the population, including the mayor of Rennes, Natalie AperAt the end of the construction site.

But why did it last so long? To answer this question, we must go back to the birth of the project and remember that this titanic project almost cost 1200 million euros. This aspect should not hide the delays accumulated in recent years, starting from 2020.

  • 2003: Metro Metro Line 2 project announced

This is 2003 that the Rennes Métropole officially announces its desire to create a second metro line in Rennes. Spreads the news Edmond Herve, the mayor of Rennes and the president of the metropolis at that time. He is the one who gave a political impulse the project.

Long before this announcement, 2001Rennes Metropolis has already ordered a opportunity study whose main findings motivated the creation of the second line.

After this possibility is explored, then after the official announcement, it will be time for feasibility studies to be completed. 2007. These studies, in particular, made it possible to refine the technical and financial data related to the second metro line project and define the future route of metro B.

  • 2009: Route designation and further studies

“Several years are needed to gradually collect all the information necessary to start tenders for the construction of the B line,” he recalls. Metropolis of Rennes.

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This is April 2009 that the complete route of Line B, which runs from Saint-Jacques-de-la-Landy via Rennes and Séssons-Sévigné, has been approved.

Beginning of 2011Pre-design studies have been started and the 2nd metro line project has been declared a public utility by the prefect. August 2012.

  • January 2014: Works

Important stage of the project: start of works. The first rows have begun 2014 year And the digging of the tunnel has only just begun than in 2018.

This stage of the work is marked by the use of a tunnel boring machine ” Elaine But, above all, with accumulated delays, especially due to the increased monitoring of operations collapse Part of the floor of Noz’s shop, Rue Saint-Malo.

  • 2019: First date and first COUAC announced

Although the construction site is not yet finished, Emmanuel CouetteThe mayor of Saint-Jacques and the president of the metropole of Rennes at the time announces for the first time the date of the second metro line being put into operation: December 21, 2020. Almost 7 years have passed since the beginning of the works.

This date will not be observed. First in a long series.

  • 2020-2021: completion of work and start of tests

The delay is piling up and the work continues until 2020.

If the construction of the workshop garage is completed 2018 yearThe culmination of all work comes during 2020 With the completion of 15 stations of the B line.

The end of this project will follow The first technical tests of the system. On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, Metro B was put into operation for the first time on the aerial part of Line B. Several tests were carried out on the viaduct between Beaulieu-Université and Atalante stations.

  • December 2020: The arrival of COVID and the first postponement

The Covid-19 epidemic is raging in France and delays are piling up regarding the launch of the B line. Although the work has been completed, the test results remain unsatisfactory.

A new launch date has been announced for spring 2021, then summer 2021.

  • Summer 2021: More and more delays and new dates

The limitations A series of events disrupted the launch of Metro B. The agenda was completely revised for two reasons:

First reason: The covid pandemic with first containment which stopped the construction site of line B for almost two months. The resumption of work was delayed, the schedule of companies was disturbed, it was difficult for experts to come, the delivery of rolling stock was not carried out on time…

Second reason: testing the new CityVal technology, developed by Siemens, which are still not convincing.

New date postponement: early 2022.

  • January 2022: Another date announced

Still missed… Metro is still waiting for early 2022. “was under evaluation About rolling stock from Siemens”, he began Natalie Aper, Annoyed by the accumulated delay.

Metropolis then announces another date, this time as a slot, as a cautionary note: “The release will No later than the end of April and no later than the end of May.”

  • April 2022: Problem with guide rollers

Not yet… but we’re getting closer to the goal. facing related problems guide roller and “automatic wakeup”, commissioning was further delayed. The date has been announced (and it will be the last): September 2022.

  • September 2022: Implementation

Victoria! Almost 20 years after the official announcement of the project of the second metro line in Rennes, line B is finally operational. Customers can use the B line from 20 September 2022 at 5:10 AM.

for that Jean-Pierre SavignacMayor of Cesson-Sévigné, the accumulated delay will soon become a bad memory. “This metro will change many things in the daily life of the population. Yes, there was a delay, but in a few months it will be forgotten. The arrival of the metro line in his territory is a special moment for an elected official,” he said at the inauguration. Long live Metro B!

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