Marchand will not support a third link project without research

The third link will be challenged by the mayor of Quebec if the government fails to provide him with scientific studies.

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“I cannot say that I have blind faith. It’s not that I don’t trust the Prime Minister. I can’t say I have blind faith and tell me what you want, it’s a political decision and I’ll follow you, make a little train and sing movement“, Mayor Bruno Marchan imagined, on the sidelines of the City Council.

“I’m going to object if he forces me to not show him the science behind it.”

Without saying that he would block the project, he suggested that if the government continues without the city’s approval, if the city considers that the tunnel will emerge in a place that it considers unsuitable for its citizens, “we will check with the government, negotiate and we will discuss them. I am sure that they will listen to the discussion.”

The mayor repeated the same speech that he has been making for months: without research, he cannot comment on this topic. On Monday, outgoing Prime Minister François Legault indicated that despite the findings of a study on the CAQ project on Ring 3 between Quebec and Lévis, he would proceed with the four-lane tunnel because the final decision is “political.” Last week, he revealed that his government has not updated Studies on the current project.

According to Mr. Marchand, the missing studies will take years to complete.

More details to come…

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