Logitech G launches PRO Racing, a high-performance racing wheel and pedals

Video games are a very broad category with a very diverse user base. Part of it is getting away from it all and letting your imagination run wild, and sometimes it takes more than a game and a console to achieve that. This is where fashion accessories come in and racing wheels are a common way to take your gaming experience to the next level. Entry-level drives are available for a few hundred dollars and simply attach to a desk. However, some people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their racing wheel to make the tactile side of their driving experience as accurate as possible.

For this type of people Logitech addresses this with its new G PRO racing wheel and pedals. The company strives to get as close as possible to the feedback and feel of a real car, while offering a product that consumers can install in their living room. Two variations of Logitech’s new steering wheel will be available, one configured to work with PlayStation consoles and the other aimed at Xbox. Both options work with computers. Thus, PC gamers can choose their preferred button layout if they don’t intend to plug their racing wheel into a console.

As with many high-end products, Logitech has garnered celebrity endorsements for the PRO Racing Wheel, namely Formula 1 driver Lando Norris. In a statement, the McLaren racing star said:Logitech’s PRO Racing Wheel makes the racing simulation experience incredibly realistic. I can feel the track conditions and how the car changes during the race, which is a game changer. When I use this bike at home, I feel like I’m on the track“.

The motor, capable of generating 11 newton meters of force, is combined with Logitech’s in-house high-definition force feedback technology. Give players realistic feedback in multiple driving conditions. The steering wheel has magnetic shift paddles that should provide a precise mechanical feel instead of the spring-loaded plastic shell feel you get with cheap steering wheels.

The steering wheel also has a set of customizable dual-clutch paddles that can be used in a dual-clutch setup if you want to gain an advantage on the starting grid or control functions like the handbrake. A quick-release system is also available for those who simply want to strap the steering wheel to the table instead of bolting it to the racing platform. The button layout is designed so that players can maintain control without letting go of the steering wheel. The controls are also designed for customization, so players can adapt their racing wheels to suit them best.

Definitely suitable for racing professionals

Adjusting the pedals is a bit more difficult. Each set comes with a selection of springs that can be used to provide different levels of resistance. A modular system was used so that the pedals themselves could be moved and positioned according to the needs of the user. A pressure-sensing system is also included, which Logitech says will improve the impact of muscle memory on gameplay. Braking is one area where this new level of precision should make a real difference.

Logitech’s new steering wheel is not cheap, as it costs 1099 euros. The accompanying pedal set isn’t particularly cheap either, selling for €349.

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