LIVE – War in Ukraine: Record prisoner exchange, including 188 fighters from Azovstal and close friend of Putin – Released

War between Ukraine and Russiacase

On the 211th day of the war in Ukraine, the warring parties have reached the largest exchange of prisoners since the beginning of the conflict. Russia released 215 people, including 188 Azovstal fighters, against 55 prisoners released by Ukraine, including former MP Viktor Medvedchuk.

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– The Russians and Ukrainians have signed a prisoner exchange agreement, which is the largest since the beginning of the conflict. In exchange for 55 prisoners released by Ukraine, Russia releases 215 people, including Putin’s close friend, former deputy Viktor Medvedchuk.

– EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Wednesday evening that the 27 would consider new sanctions against Russia after “climb” Moscow made the statement.

– On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin spoke about the decree on Russian television “Partial Military Mobilization” in Russia. In several cities of the country, Russian citizens take to the streets to demonstrate their opposition to the war. More than 1000 people were arrested. Find yesterday’s important information here.

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Russians are haunted by the specter of mobilization. On Wednesday, in front of a military police station in the north of Moscow, young people came to pick up their “military ticket”, an official document of membership in the army. “I understand that there is a danger for Russia, that the residents of Donbas have asked us for protection. If they call me and ask me to go, I will go.” 23-year-old Alexander explained. But it is more a wind of panic that blows Russia. “Hello everyone, do you know if it is possible to cross the border of Georgia?” asks the woman. Read the report of our correspondent in Moscow, Paul Gogo.


Who is Viktor Medvedchuk, close to Putin, who was released during the exchange of prisoners? Ukraine’s twelfth fortune, worth almost $620 million (over €570 million), according to the magazine Forbes, Viktor Medvedchuk, 67, Vladimir Putin’s man in Kyiv, is also the godfather of his youngest daughter. Viktor Medvedchuk, who has long been tolerated in the political circles of Ukraine and is considered a necessary interlocutor for dialogue with the Kremlin, is one of the main opponents of the Ukrainian regime. In May 2021, he was charged with house arrest “treason” and Attempt to plunder natural resources in Crimea. After his capture by Ukrainian forces on April 13, the Kremlin initially rejected the prospect of exchanging the former lawmaker for Ukrainian soldiers. Read our profile.


Several countries condemn the “militarization” of the Zaporizhia power plant. In the joint declaration received after the meeting in New York, the foreign ministers of Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Great Britain and Ukraine, as well as the representatives of South Korea, the United States and Switzerland, are concerned.Russia’s seizure and weaponization of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the root cause of today’s nuclear safety and security threats.Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday accused Russia of re-bombing the site of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.


The commanders of Azovstal were transferred to Turkey. As part of the prisoner exchange, five military commanders, including the Azovstal defense chiefs, were transferred to Turkey. According to the agreement with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, these people will stay in the country “In absolute safety and comfortable conditions” up “at the end of the war”Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky explained. However, they will be able to meet their families there. Negotiations on their exchange were underway “The longest, the hardest”– added the head of state of Ukraine, who is speaking“A long-prepared operation”.We will do our best to save everyone in Russian captivityVolodymyr Zelensky promised again, according to whom there are pregnant women among the exchanged prisoners.


The largest exchange of prisoners since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Although the pressure still intensified the statement “Partial Military Mobilization”The two warring parties reached an agreement on the exchange of prisoners. We managed to release 215 people.Andrii Yermak, the head of the administration of the President of Ukraine, said on television on Wednesday evening. Kiev restored 188 “hero” Guarded the Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol, including 108 members of the Azov Regiment.

Russia has released 55 prisoners, including former lawmaker Viktor Medvedchuk, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was charged with treason in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily address. Ten prisoners of war – including five Britons and two Americans – who were transferred from Russia to Saudi Arabia today as part of an exchange between Moscow and Ukraine, Saudi diplomacy announced, are among those exchanges, he noted.

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New EU sanctions and even more military aid. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Wednesday evening that the 27 are considering new sanctions against Russia. The head of European diplomacy made this announcement after an informal extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers in New York, during which they received a statement of condemnation. “Russia’s Latest Escalation of Force”. “We will continue to increase military aid and explore new restrictive measures.” against Russia, he said.

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