Julien Bayou steps down as co-chair of the Assembly’s environment group

Violence against women continues to trouble the left. After rebel MP Adrien Quatenens, who admitted to hitting his running mate and quit coordinating the LFI, ecologist Julien Bayu’s turn is to step back. The EELV national secretary has been suspended as co-chairman of the Assembly’s environmental group after questioning a former companion, a press release from the group’s office said in a statement confirming the report. franceinfo.

MP Sandrine Rousseau on Monday evening accused the national secretary of EELV of “behavior that could undermine the moral health of women”. He said he had been “hosting” Julien Bayou’s “very depressed” ex-girlfriend at his home for a long time. The ecofeminist assured that “there are clearly quite a few” affected by these behaviors, implying an “ongoing journalistic investigation.”

EELV will “implement the recommendations” of its internal investigation unit

according to franceinfoJulien Bayou stepped down as co-chairman of the environmentalists in the assembly after the group’s meeting on Tuesday. During this period of withdrawal, he will observe sexual violence and harassment pending the findings of the party’s internal cell. The second co-president, Kyrielle Chatelain, will be the sole president of the group until then. However, Julien Bayou is still the national secretary of EELV. A congress will be held in December, which will confront the party leadership.

“The environmental group takes women’s voices and the issue of violence against women very seriously,” environmentalists said Tuesday evening. Julien Bayou’s “exit” “is not worth resigning” and was decided “to anticipate the conclusions of this case and to ensure peace back in Parliament”, they added.

In another press release on Tuesday, the EELV rejected the notion that its internal investigation unit, which was “seized in July 2022 for a report related to Julien Bayou, is too slow. EELV-elect Marine Tondelier, who is due to run for party leadership, explained to AFP: “These people are volunteers and work on issues that are by definition sensitive, requiring time and calmness to gather the floor and make the necessary decisions.” . And Marine Tondelier indicated that if the cell members felt it necessary, “they would have all the latitude to stop” Julien Bayou.

In addition, Marine Tondelier assessed: “This kind of business cannot be resolved in the press, including for the protection of women who speak out”, but through an “independent cell”. “When they come under the spotlight, EELV will implement the recommendations of the cell,” the party promised.

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