Jean-Luc Melenchon, his lieutenants and “rebellious” feminists

In a cruel twist of fate, the meeting was scheduled to take place in Paris on the afternoon of Thursday, September 22. This is Caroline de Haas, who will officiate. The feminist activist, whose thirty-five-person SME, Egaé, sells to companies and parties studying against moral harassment, sexist behavior and sexual violence, signed a contract with La France insoumise earlier this summer. (LFI) and its seventy. Five new deputies. During the party summer days in August, they were already working on the moral violence that elected officials sometimes inflict on their aides.

In Thursday’s program? Purpose of the working session “Breaking the illusion of equality”, claims the company’s brochure, with questionnaires designed to detect habitual sexism and behavior sanctioned by law. The activist wants to approach the deputies “It’s a common feeling (…) that the progress in terms of gender equality has been so significant in recent years that we have almost reached parity.” However, it is unlikely that the meeting will turn into a collective psychoanalysis: often waved like a banner, the topic remains taboo once it returns to LFI’s elected officials.

The thirty-two women and forty-three men sitting in the National Assembly labeled this formation must attend this formation. Among them, Adrien Quatenens and Eric Cockerell, two lieutenants of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (“JLM »), two men whose behavior towards women contradicts the party’s claimed feminism. On Sunday, September 18, LFI’s first, young coordinator, sometimes considered the dolphin of “JLM,” announced his departure. “Keep moving [et] his fighters. revealed A chained duckA handout filed by his wife with police while they are in the process of divorcing details arguments, phone “switching off” and also a slap, the North’s MP admitted. The Lille prosecutor’s office has just started a preliminary investigation. As for the other, the chairman of the Assembly’s finance committee, he appears to be on borrowed time as the court opened a “sexual harassment” inquiry after an activist complained about roving hands and text messages.

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For both, the party began by building a dike and trying to establish a “line”. “Barouf’s goal on Cockerell: his chairmanship of the Finance Commission and the revenge of the national rally”hit Mélenchon in July, convinced that the deputy “Not guilty of anything” and “It is the subject of rumors and political operation”. “Private Case”took away the same Jean-Luc Melenchon’s close guard Adrien Quatenen, until the “chef” himself posted a welcome tweet on Sunday, September 18… “courage” his deputy As if Slaki did not fall into the category of violence against women.

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