Disruption of obstetric services in Chandler: Everyone is looking for solutions

CISSS de la Gaspésie acknowledges that there have been delays in midwifery in Chandler in recent weeks. Organizations condemn the excessive stress of families in the region, whose women are about to give birth in the next few days.

The CISSS de la Gaspésie is showing signs of fatigue and beginning to crack, particularly with regard to obstetric services in Chandler. A situation that does not comfort women who are going to give birth in the coming days.

“This is something that families and women are talking to us about… Women’s groups in the area are also talking to us. Obviously, it is extremely upsetting for families, for women to know that they may have to travel, in some cases, hundreds of kilometers to give birth. says Nastassia Valois-Williams, GÎM Women’s Roundtable Coordinator

In a statement, CISSS managers said:

“…the challenge of labor is very real. CISSS strives to deploy staff to ensure the care offered at its facilities. »

The stress caused by this situation is not only experienced by the families, but also by the nursing staff. According to the trade union’s assessment, there is a shortage of about twenty midwifery nurses in the territory covered by the National Health Service.

“In Gaspé and also in Quebec, there are changes that need to be made, especially in obstetrics. These are the sectors that are in constant, recurring deficits. I think we need to change the way we do things. », suggests Pierre-Luc Bujold, president of SIIIEQ

At the same time, the Minister of Health was passing through the region. He spoke of up to forty foreign nurses being stationed in the area…a solution that also has its challenges.

“If we can find housing for these people quickly. For example, staying in a hotel: we know that this is not something permanent that we want to do. But there we have a program that was created at the beginning of the year, it is very recently by the municipal ministry. to be able to build housing quickly. – adds Christian Dubé, CAQ candidate from Laprairie and former Minister of Health.

Everyone who works on the file confirms this: service interruptions in the Gaspe region will unfortunately increase in the coming months.

“I think that health professionals manage to organize themselves and do everything, but something serious can happen at one time or another (…) the dignity of families calls us to do better. adds Ms. Valois-Williams

Delivering solutions will be difficult and time-consuming. But in all cases, he plans a model that will be the envy of parents around the world.

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