Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone partner with MATSUKO to experience Europe’s first holographic communication platform

Bonn/Madrid/Londres/Paris, 21 September 2022.- Major European telecommunications operators Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone have joined forces with deep technology specialist MATSUKO to adopt holograms in video communications. A pilot project based on the interconnection of edge computing servers of different operators will allow users to establish a holographic communication session. Operators are gearing up to create a platform halfway between the virtual and real worlds. The goal is to allow a person, simply equipped with a 5G smartphone, to photograph himself with a camera and appear to his interlocutors in a high-resolution 3D hologram, thanks to the 3D reconstruction performed on computer servers.

The pilot platform relies on the capabilities of 5G connectivity (high speed, high bandwidth and low latency) to overcome some of the challenges associated with creating realistic 3D images. The front camera of the smartphone captures a three-dimensional holographic image in real time, which is then transmitted and processed by a very high-tech 3D rendering algorithm. The created hologram offers an immersive experience thanks to its projection in a virtual environment or superimposed on the real environment, with augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets.

The first stage of cooperation between operators and MATSUKO has been successfully completed, the parties will continue to improve the solution technology, focusing on the needs in terms of service quality. They are currently discussing the possibilities offered by 5G mobility, namely the organization of events or virtual presentations of breathtaking realism. Future applications may include face-to-face or small group interactions to enhance communication for consumer or enterprise users. These advances in holographic realism are linked to the evolution of mobile computing technology, which allows application data to be processed closer to users, significantly improving latency and providing bandwidth savings, two essential elements for a reliable and engaging mixed reality experience.

The results are encouraging thanks to 5G and Edge Computing. Network issues that once hindered the smoothness and naturalness of the holographic experience have been resolved. In addition, the MATSUKO platform guarantees a high-quality immersive final experience with enhanced resolution in terms of colors and shapes, resulting in smartphones or other mobile devices that support augmented reality, without the use of a virtual reality headset.

Alex Froent-Kertil, Vodafone’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Metaverse brings a new dimension to the future of connectivity and exciting new communication experiences with our friends and family. It will also enable companies to build relationships with their stakeholders. This experiment revolutionizes holographic communications. It’s not science fiction anymore, it’s available on our smartphones. »

Daniel Hernández, Telefónica’s Devices & Consumer IoT VP, commented: “In the near future, we will be able to offer our customers a new way of communicating with this holographic technology, offering them a deeper presence experience that creates an impression. in the presence of the interlocutor. Our cross-carrier collaboration with MATSUKO will accelerate this innovation and guarantee it works regardless of carrier. »

Karine Dussert-Sart, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Design at Orange Innovation, explained: “This unique joint project allows us to prepare our infrastructure for open, interoperable and easy-to-use holographic communication services. This is an important first step towards an immersive world in which Orange will support its customers through new experiences and interactions. »

Sven von Aschwege, XR topic lead Global Devices Partnerships at Deutsche Telekom, added: “We live in exciting times with the emergence of new technologies and all the possibilities that come with them. My dream of being able to call a person and see them as if they were standing right in front of me is about to become a reality. We are testing these holographic calls with other mobile communication companies. After all, this project only makes sense if it works for everyone, not just for the customers of a particular company. »

Matus Kirchmeier, CEO of MATSUKO, said: “The aim of the pilot project was to provide a holographic human experience with multiple speakers based on a virtual mobile broadcast approach, allowing the audience to see the person present in a virtual way. Hologram form, all with stunning realism. »

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