ALDO goes into 3D with Médiacom

To celebrate its 50-year history and to introduce the new Pillow Walk technology, Aldo Starts with a partnership Mediacom, an advertising campaign using 3D digital signage. As part of this multi-channel campaign, the teamAldo cooperated Mediacom and Branded cities Developing a custom 3D digital display approach that playfully and innovatively showcases the great advantage of new technology: comfort without compromise.

Through geo-targeted media tactics, Aldo Invites customers to use the new Pillow Walk technology in store. Running from September 8 to 30 in Toronto’s Dundas Square, as well as New York and Los Angeles in the US, the campaign is also available on social media via the hashtag #aldopillowwalk.

“High heels are part of our DNAAldoexplain Jennifer MaxSenior Vice PresidentAldo North America and omnichannel strategy. The aim of this campaign is to demonstrate that it is possible to offer a range of comfortable shoes without style. This new technology and media distribution through 3D shows thatAldo Always on the edge of innovation. for 50 years Aldo is here to help people feel their best and most confident, no matter what. And for us, confidence comes from comfort.

Using a 3D display, Aldo Introducing a campaign that captures the essence of Pillow Walk: innovation. The brand also manages to demonstrate the bet that it is possible to wear high heels that combine comfort and style.

Read all about the Pillow Walk here.

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