Adam Levine admits he crossed the line

Singer Adam Levine on Tuesday denied an affair with a model and wanted to name his child after her.

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To clarify this, he published a message on social networks.

“Currently, many things are being said about me, and I would like to clarify some issues. I admit I lacked judgment in flirting with women other than my wife,” he wrote on Instagram.


“I didn’t have an adventure. But, I crossed the line at an unfortunate point in my life. In certain circumstances, my messages may be inappropriate. I will solve this problem. “

Adam Levine adds that he was “naive” and “stupid” to risk what is most important to him, his family.

“We’ll all get through this together.”

The release comes a day after a video was released on TikTok in which model Sumner Stroh explained that she had been dating the Maroon 5 singer for almost a year.

A young woman shared with netizens some of the messages that the artist would send her when they met.

“I was young and naive at that time. To be honest, now I feel like they were being taken advantage of,” he said.

Stroh revealed in his video that Adam Levine had contacted him in the past few months to ask if he could name the child he is expecting with his wife Behati Prinsloo.


“He said to me, ‘I have a serious question. I have another baby and if it’s a boy I really want to name him Sumner. Are you okay with that?” He asked me seriously!”

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