A group of researchers is appealing for stool donations to advance science

Want to help with research while on the throne? You may find this call for donations interesting. Indeed, as part of a wider study, the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) is looking for samples of faecal matter.

As unusual as it may seem, INRAE ​​and the Paris hospitals need your saddles to advance research. As part of extensive research into the many bacteria and microbes that inhabit our gut microbiota, the institute is appealing for donations to collect excrement. The goal of the project called “French Gut”: to achieve 100,000 samples by 2027.

The fundamental role of the intestine

It is known that the gut, according to the common expression, is our second brain. Indeed, in addition to its essential role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and our immune system, researchers have also discovered 500 million neurons in this one. If scientists are fascinated by this organ, it is because for all these reasons the intestine plays an important role in immune, neurological or digestive functions. Its meaning is such that Its dysfunctions are involved in many pathologiesFrom diabetes to Crohn’s disease and cancer.

Cohort studies are to medicine what particle accelerators are to high-energy physics. With French Gut we have a very powerful tool“, – explains Inserm’s Deputy General Strategy Director Thomas Lombes at a press conference. Currently, the research institute has only 3,000 samples collected in 2021 and only from sick people. Hence the interest in participatory science.

The science of the microbiota is absolutely necessary to open up new preventive and therapeutic avenuesJoel Dore, an expert microbiota researcher, abounds.

Microbiota analysis

The whole challenge then will be to give meaning to this significant mass of data through new technologies responsible for the analysis of DNA structure, especially through tools using artificial intelligence. The goal is to achieve success one day Alter the microbiota for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. The case should follow in 2024, the date when the first results will fall.

To participate in the project, you only need to: be of legal age, not have had antibiotic treatment or a colonoscopy in the three months prior to donation, and not have a digestive stoma or be under guardianship (a legal measure to defer part of the responsibility of an adult to a tutor). on your donations!

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