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J. Michael Straczynski, 2008

Joseph Michael Straczynski is an American author and producer. He has written scripts for cartoons, TV series and comics, as well as short stories and novels. He is known for being the writer, executive producer and head writer of the series science fiction (Science fiction, pronounced /sjɑ̃s.fik.sjɔ̃/ (abbreviated as…) Babylon 5of which he composedtogether (In set theory, a set intuitively means a collection…) Story before the first one season (A season is a period of the year that observes the relative constancy of climate and…).

Straczynski’s professional name J Michael Straczynski. Informally, he is called “Joe”. Abbreviation JMS Also used as a signature by this author, especially on Usenet forums.

He is married to writer Kathryn M. Drennan and lives in St Los angeles (Los Angeles is a city in the United States located in Southern California on the Pacific coast…).

Before Babylon 5

Born July 17, 1954, Lived in San Diego, California. He graduated San Diego State University in psychology and sociology, everything (The whole understood as the totality of what exists is often interpreted as the universe or…) With an angry participation in the student newspaper point (graphics) That was his nickname Everyday Joe.

Among his acquaintances are important American authors: Harlan Ellison (Harlan Jay Ellison is an American-born writer of science fiction and fantasy…)Norman Corwin. He admires the works of Rod Serling.

He is very young, so he is passionate about writing and manages to get hired as a screenwriter in several TV series: Arabesque, the twilight zone, Captain Poweretc. He also writes for animated series such as Masters of the Universe As well as its spin-off What did he do?.

After Babylon 5

that television (Television is the transmission of images by cable or radio waves or…)Straczynski is fighting to regain the creative freedom he gained Babylon 5. He still started working under MGM JeremiahBut complains about the company’s interventionism in the creative process.

Straczynski continued most freely in his teenage passion as a screenwriter: comics.

In the publishing house Top Cow he published:

  • rising stars: The story of 120 people in the United States with superpowers who aren’t ready to accept them.
  • The Midnight Nation. This story in 12 chapters is a retelling of Christian myths. A Los Angeles police officer finds himself in a world that is locatedshadow (A shadow is a dark area created by the interference of an opaque object (or just…). begining the world (The word world may refer to:) Real, where they meet the forgotten by society. This world is under the rule of Lucifer, the fallen angel.
  • delicate creaturesA fantastic tale.

In 2003, he was hired by Marvel Comics to work on the series The Amazing Spider-Man Where his irony shines through is the character of Peter Parker who is reunited with Mary Jane. It begins a new series on the moods of beings endowed with superpowers supreme power (Which is a remake of the 70s comic: The Squadron Supreme. In addition, he writes scripts for mini-series about established characters in the Marvel Universe, such as Doctor Strange and the Surfer of.silver (Silver or silver metal is the chemical element Ag — du…)or a Alternative history (Uchronia is an imaginary echo in time. “Uchronia” is…) within this world bullet points. In 2005, he became the screenwriter of the TV series You are a great foursome.

In June 2006, he sold the rights to his novel to change and is writing the screenplay for the adaptation cinema (We call cinema a moving visual projection, most often with sound. The term…) Directed by Ron Howard, then Clint Eastwood. This contract allows him to start several film projects.

Babylon 5

In the mid-1980s, he came up with the idea for a “novel for television”, a saga spanning five years. He was Babylon 5 From where he wrote most of the plot even before he found a company to finance it. Warner Bros. Confident in this sci-fi series, despite their recent series of financial failures V. Among Straczynski’s arguments is the creation of special effects computer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit that allows…)Much cheaper than the models used in the series at the time Star Trek.

During the six years the series ran, from the pilot in 1993 to the final season in 1998, Straczynski was involved in every capacity: writing the script, overseeing the script to maintain consistency. project (A project is an irreversible commitment with an uncertain outcome that cannot be repeated…), executive production, post-production. Despite all these activities, he answers on the forums Internet (The Internet is a global computer network that makes services available to the public…) To questions from fans of the series.

According to his testimony, the hardest part was at the end of each season, not knowing for sure whether the company would continue the series or not. syndicate (Syndication includes the sale of the right to reproduce content or broadcast a program…) who gave it. In the end, Straczynski will have to condense into Season 4 what he planned to do in two seasons. When the series resumes its Antenna (In radio electricity, an antenna is a device that can emit (transmit) or…) there chain (The word chain can have several meanings 🙂 TNT, he continues the story without a care.

Ultimately, Straczynski wrote 93 scripts for the series’ 110 episodes, including all of seasons 3 and 4. Season 5 was not noted for writing the script. Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman (born November 10, 1960 in Portchester) is a British author…).

The sequel is less auspicious for Straczynski, as TNT cancels even before that Diffusion (In everyday language, the term diffusion refers to the concept of…) series accepted (The derivative of a function is a way to determine how much that function changes when…) 2267, The Final Crusade (Crusade). But Straczynski achieved his goal thanks to his desire to control the series: a series of 5 seasons, comics and successive spin-off novels.

Thanks to the success of the sale DVD (Officially DVD Digital Versatile Disc – although there are other names…), Warner Bros. allowed him to produce an anthology series, Babylon 5: Lost Tales, which is out straight to DVD. It was taken at the end of 2006. Voices in the Dark It went on sale at the end of July 2007.

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